Your Case Must Advance the Public Interest


Defining ‘Public Interest’

JusticeFundr defines a legal proceeding to be in the public interest when it:

  1. Transcends the interests of those most directly affected by the legal proceeding;
  1. Seeks to effect public policy towards the objectives of an individual, organization, demographic constituency; and
  1. Enforces or attempts to reconcile constitutional, statutory, or common law rights in regard to such matters or persons.

This includes (but is not limited to) public interest issues that impact the environment or involve the rights, well-being, health, finances or other matters of the community or public-at-large.

For intervenors, recognition as an intervenor by a court may establish the public interest merit of the case for the purpose of using our site.


Stage of Legal Proceedings

JusticeFundr hosts campaigns for legal proceedings at all levels of courts or tribunals in Canada.

We also host campaigns for both legal proceedings that have already commenced and legal proceedings that have yet to be filed with a court, subject to these requirements:

  • As part of their online registration, campaigns for legal proceedings that have already commenced must include an originating or other filed court or tribunal document; and
  • Campaigns for legal proceedings that have not yet been initiated are required to disclose this fact prominently on their campaign page and may be subject to a maximum fundraising limit until such time as their documents are filed with a court.


Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Campaign Creators must agree and abide by JusticeFundr’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

JusticeFundr reserves the right to approve, refuse, or deactivate any campaign for any reason, at any time.



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