about_usJusticeFundr provides an online space for individuals and organizations to raise funds for legal proceedings that are intended to advance the public interest.

Cost is one of the biggest obstacles to accessing justice in the legal realm. JusticeFundr allows individuals and organizations to overcome this obstacle by connecting parties to litigation with supporters willing to contribute to their cause.

Empowering Public Interest Litigants

Founded by three young legal professionals, JusticeFundr allows individuals and organizations to overcome cost barriers to access justice. JusticeFundr is a fundraising hub that allows public interest litigants to build a donor community by engaging Canadians from across the country to provide financial support for their legal matter, in the form of online donations.

Funding Public Interest Litigation

Only individuals and organizations who have already commenced legal action can use the platform. This ensures that only bona fide public interest litigants and legal proceedings are funded. The criteria used by JusticeFundr to determine which actions or applications fall within the public interest are found on on our Campaign Criteria page.

Donation-Based Crowdfunding

Contributions made through the JusticeFundr platform are strictly donations. Donations do not provide supporters any ability to influence the substance of the legal action, nor do they provide donors with an interest in any financial or non-financial awards granted to those involved in the legal action. Individuals and organizations that use the JusticeFundr platform retain exclusive control over the legal proceeding.

Retention of Funds Raised

JusticeFundr encourages transparency from its campaign creators. Funds raised go to a variety of sources, including lawyers’ fees, court fees, disbursements (e.g. photocopying, research services) and incidental expenses, but campaign creators are entitled to the excess funds raised. However, JusticeFundr requires campaign creators to disclose where excess funds will be directed, in order for donors to make informed decisions.

Donor Tax Receipts, If Eligible

Supporters may be entitled to receive tax receipts for their donations, if an organization is behind campaign and is a charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.

For more information, visit How It Works and view our Terms of Service.